How it works

Smell and Memory:

You can relive the memory you want have. With fragrance you can be in control and only smell the smell you want to, when you want to, to get the memory or mood you want to have.


Smell and Emotion:

Scents can evoke strong emotional reactions. Our olfactory receptors have a direct connection to our limbic system. This system is the most ancient and primitive part of the brain, which is thought to be where emotion and mood is housed. A great example of how this works is smelling cinammon wafting in the air and immediately being transported back to your childhood sitting in your grandmother's kitchen as she rolls out cinnamon rolls for a family get together.


Beads and Story Telling

Our jewelry captures the essence of things you love and unlocks the memory to its fullest potential. The beads used in the jewelry pieces are carefully and intentionally chosen to represent a visual reminder of the setting where a memory took place.