Grape Leaf Fragrance

Grape Leaf Fragrance

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Demeter’s Grape Leaf is rich, full and fresh, inspired by a drive through the Napa Valley in California.

When we got onto the road, just above Napa, right about at Yountville, we rolled down the car windows. In flooded that wonderful odor of grape leaves baking in the sun. It was unlike anything we had ever smelled. We got down into the vines and smelled. It smelled different at different times of day, and, in fact --- and the vintners confirmed this --- the smell is different on different sides of the road where the soil changes.

Why choose us?

Handmade in U.S.A.

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Unique to jewelry industry

We can make your special memory come to life by pairing the perfect scent with visually stunning jewelry together.


- Jewelry is designed to carry a fragrance that conveys a memory

- Bring your memories with you

- Fragrance can transform your mood and productivity 

- Fragrances remain personal

Jewelry inspiration

At Memory Keys we are inspired by beautiful travel memories of our own and the aromas that make those memories so vivid.