Toasted Marshmallow Paired Bracelet
Toasted Marshmallow Paired Bracelet
Toasted Marshmallow Paired Bracelet

Toasted Marshmallow Paired Bracelet

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It’s a summer night. The sun has set and a day chock full of playing outside is settling down for the evening. Hear the crickets chirping and the campfire crackling. The kids are giddy with excitement as the anticipation for a special sweet summer treat is on its way. The kids gather sticks and the marshmallows are roasted over the fire. Once they're toasty, brown and crispy on the outside, yet gooey and warm on the inside they are ready to be squished between two crispy, sweet graham crackers. The velvety chocolate candy bar pieces that are nestled in between the marshmallow and graham cracker begin to melt slowly to “glue” the sweet sandwich together. Sticky goodness oozes out of the sides of the delectable treat as everyone devours them. For me, eating a s’more, allows me to be a child again. It’s messy, ooey, gooey, sticky and just plain fun.  

• Fragrance pairing: Marshmallow

• Gemstones: Riverstone

• Materials: Gemstones, Emperor Bloodwood, Silver beads

• Stretchy Bracelet

NOTE: Due to the natural beauty of stone and wood, each gemstone bracelet varies slightly.

• High Quality Natural Stones and Wood

• Each Toasted Marshmallow bracelet comes with a free jewelry bag for gifting or safe keeping.

• Handmade in America

Why choose us?

Handmade in U.S.A.

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Unique to jewelry industry

We can make your special memory come to life by pairing the perfect scent with visually stunning jewelry together.


- Jewelry is designed to carry a fragrance that conveys a memory

- Bring your memories with you

- Fragrance can transform your mood and productivity 

- Fragrances remain personal

Jewelry inspiration

At Memory Keys we are inspired by beautiful travel memories of our own and the aromas that make those memories so vivid.