White and Black Kitten Paired Bracelet
White and Black Kitten Paired Bracelet
White and Black Kitten Paired Bracelet

White and Black Kitten Paired Bracelet

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Cats are “purr” haps one of the most comforting pets you could own. Cat owners know their cats to be true companions and enjoy the pleasure of a warm, purring friend curled up on a lap. The joy of having cats can be quite contagious. You can ask any cat lover for their favorite cat stories, and you will instantly see their faces brighten with love. The White Kitten Bracelet is sure to give their owner those same warm furry feelings that their beloved cat gives them every time is curls up on their lap and purrs.  

• Fragrance pairing: Kitten Fur

• Gemstones: Howlite, Onyx

• Materials: Gemstones, Wenge Wood, Silver beads

• Stretchy Bracelet

NOTE: Due to the natural beauty of stone and wood, each gemstone bracelet varies slightly.

• High Quality Natural Stones and Wood

• Each White and Black Kitten bracelet comes with a free jewelry bag for gifting or safe keeping.

• Handmade in America

Why choose us?

Handmade in U.S.A.

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